Mossdale Kneewrecker and More by Adele Ward

Mossdale - Kneewrecker and more. Ian and Adele. 20th April 2019   Watching the weather this past week has been torture for me, will the met office do that weird thing whereby they suddenly change the forecast?. It was looking good. February 2019 was the last time we visited this area; we have both been chomping at the bit to return. At …

Marathon Obsession (Mossdale Caverns) by Simon Beck

Great Whernside appeared to hover in the twilight that evening. A pleasant approach it was, but one preferably done after as opposed to before. The sheep obviously bedding down for the night scattered as I approached, the few that remained were like curious gargoyles atop the Scar. It was pitch black as I organised things better done in the daylight. Strange sounds are carried to the Scar by night, reflections of the world left behind..