Valley Entrance, KMC – Saturday 17/09/2022 by Geoff Dudman

Present – Chris and Geoff Dudman, Phil Parker, Gaz Towers, Steve Warren.

Photos by Gaz Towers and Geoff Dudman.

Main image – Chris on pitch from Roof Tunnel into Kingsdale Master Cave by Geoff Dudman.

It was a nice surprise to see Steve and Phil parked up when we arrived. (Phil didn’t go underground)

After an hour or so chat and catch up the four of us went down the entrance.
We left Steve looking for evidence of the porcelaneous band not far in, he
wasn’t going far.
The three of us went along the Milky Way and up the fixed ropes (what a
thrutch!) to the sideways squeeze and a retreat back down.
More crawling along the Milky Way towards Tri Junction and back to the roof

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Dropped in to the Master Cave as Gaz had never been, and “explored” the
passages off the master junction ending up at the bottom of the boulders to
Swinsto Great Aven.

Possibly two and a half to three hours of crawling – lovely!!

Better kneepads required!