Hagg Gill Pot – 26th February 2022 by Denis Bushell

Denis in Heartbreak Ridge. Photo by Paul Beardy Swire.

Present:- Leader Denis Bushell – Lee Smith, Paul Beardy Swire (RRCPC), Adele Ward.

Arrived at Langstrothdale to be greeted by Adele’s beaming smile and legend Paul Beardy Swire plus Lee Smith. We all had a good catch up before heading to the hole. 

It seemed to be a long walk to the entrance, Beardy eventually finding it after a long detour. We had parked at the wrong dry valley which had led to the confusion.

Adele rigged the entrance with Beardy’s help, and we all de-kitted in the chamber below. Our plan was to take photos at Heartbreak Ridge, on the upstream part of the system past White Rose Chamber.

Beardy had a state of the art camera, flashes and lens, my waterproof was no match.

Photo session over we started back out. I get a chance to use my camera in a small chamber with crystals and white flowstone walls. Who needs extra flashes?

Adele and helictites. Photo by Paul Beardy Swire.

Whilst kitting up for ascent at the foot of the entrance, I realised I had been a dickhead and forgot my foot jammer. I wanted to free climb out but the rest of the team would not hear of it and lowered me a jammer.

All out to a sunny, sharp, winters day in the beautiful surroundings of Wharfedale. De-kitted and started back down to our cars. Beardy and Lee Smith out of sight quickly. I think they thought it was Coopers Hill and the Cheese Race.

Meanwhile Adele’s constant chatter made a perfect end to the day.

(Thanks to Paul Beardy Swire for allowing the use of his photos).

Denis’s photos.