Goyden Pot 02/01/2020 by Phil Ryder.

(Main Photo by Phil Ryder. Adele Ward in Goyden Pot main streamway with River Nidd in full flow.)

Caver’s – Adele Ward, Phil Ryder.

Glad to be underground again with Adele.

For once it hadn’t rained for several days, but the River Nidd was still thundering through the main passage. It was very hard to communicate with Adele with all the noise, especially when I was trying to take some photos.

I had forgotten what a magnificent big cave Goyden was, and must get down again in drier conditions.

Unfortunately many photos didn’t turn out due to the spray from the river, the silhouette of the tripod in the photo, insufficient light even with Adele’s Scurion, and a model in yellow moving, (me!), so that the photos came out blurred.

Even so I hope you like the ones that turned out?

After a pint and some crisps at The Crown, headed back home, being overtaken by an UWFRA Land Rover lit up in blue heading towards Skipton.

Again another pleasant trip with thanks to my ever patient friend Adele.

More photos of Goyden Pot, 1 Photo by Adele Ward and 4 by Phil Ryder.