Fairy Holes Surveying by Ian Cummins

Ian and Adele: Several trips (March, April, May 2019).

We investigated Myers’ Inlet and quickly deduced the speculative notes in Northern Caves were incorrect and set about surveying it.  In brief we have surveyed 400m so far and there’s plenty more to go.

In 2 or 3 trips we had data collected up to a 3m-deep pit and we hoped that 1 more trip would see the end of it.  My memory was blurred, but Adele assured me that we had been travelling fast and light on our trip to the end and it took ages; stopping every 7m to take measurements would take…longer than ages.

The Kendal Cave Club had a permit and got in touch for some info.  Meeting Darren by the quarry gate, we were shocked to see Dave Ramsey emerge from behind the darkened rear windows.  Despite having no passport, we let him in.


Initial large section of inlet.

With the Kendal gang first in, we raced to catch up and get clear water, making good time to The Sarcophagus and started crawling.  Reaching our marker, we continued, adding another 100m or so, getting covered in more and more sticky mud until our Pelicase resembled a boulder – time to get out.

With the KCC bag gone from beside the pipe, I suggested Adele head out whilst I sorted the locks.  The sound of furious swearing suggested serious injury, but the cause of the profanity was the hailstorm outside…..again!  Sheltering behind the boulders, we got warmer kit on and dashed off to the car and the sanctuary of The Bluebell.


Exiting the inlet.

A week later and being short of time, I managed to persuade Adele to have a look at an inlet between Vein Chamber and The Choir, with an aim to surveying it.  Reaching this point in about 45 minutes, we set off up this unserveyed section, which rapidly degenerated to tight crawling in very cold water, albeit with some fine mud formations.  Bearings showed it to be heading south-west, ending too tight just beyond a pool, allowing one to reverse.


Mineralised mud formation.

All pics by Adele.