Mid-Week Caving by Jack Upsall

Thursday   10th January 2019

Marble Steps Pot

Jack, Fay, Bob Reilly (Earby), Martyn Soliman (Bradford, ex WRPC)

We’d expected the pot to have been de-rigged since our trip in November so it was a bonus to find a rope still on the Gulley, making it a quick journey down to the Lower Main Chamber. No line down the climb (or beyond), so we rigged our own – though Bob had meanwhile discovered the bypass. On into the 240 foot Rift


over Pillar and to Stink. (Aptly named on this occasion.)

Down, then over the way into Intestines and so to the 90. Various sources had spoken of the difficulty of getting off the top of this pitch, so we put a couple of slings on, which proved more than adequate on the return. And it is such a lovely pitch – free-hanging in a fine shaft, and dry today.

Down the final double pitch to the end – sump one way, crawl to the connection with the Intestines route the other.


And out. And still Sidewinder to do…

Jack Upsall

Mid-week trips continue at more of less monthly intervals – if you are interested in coming along, do get in touch:


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