Mid-week Caving by Jack Upsall

Marble Steps Pot: Jack, Fay (22nd November 2018). 

There seemed to be quite a lot of water in the Ireby entrance, so I wimped out in favour of a look into Marble Steps – which we had been told was partially rigged. So a few minutes after exiting Ireby, we were following rope down the Gulley… and isn’t it impressive down there – this is probably the first time I’ve been down with a decent light!


And we also saw all sorts of ropes appearing from all sorts of directions – quite a lot of work is going on down there. Off round to Lower Main Chamber and a rigged line down. Into the 240ft Rift, over Pillar Hole, and down, again rigged, Stink Pot. Over the drop into Intestines and a glance at The (also rigged) 90. Called it a day here, with the intention to come back and have a trip to the bottom– perhaps via Sidewinder.

Jack Upsall

Anyone else interested in the odd mid-week trip, do get in touch: mjupsall@btinternet.com

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