Hagg Gill Pot by Adele

Hagg Gill Pot.

Nasty ladders, Super Cave.

7 March 2018

Jack, Faye, Denis, Phil, Adele

 I’ve chatted several times with Faye about getting out on one of her and Jacks mid week jaunts. Excited to have the run down on this little beauty of a cave , friends tell me – the formations are specular. I love caving with Faye , she always makes me chuckle and is always super keen.

Driving over from Tesside managing  to some how get lost arriving in Buckton –  I think the excitement of getting out distracted me from the sat nav. Parking up at the lay-by near the cave,  Jack seems determined for me to have a “ learning experience” today  regarding the use of ladders…. curse. Quizzing  Jack the penny drops  and all my suggestions about me using the life line as a SRT rope are falling on deaf ears. Which jack points out with a chuckle.  Last time ladders were part of the plan, I cant say i enjoyed them.

spotting DENIS! in Fayes car – I am really over excited ! Unable to contain my excitement, Denis gets a big hug.

Kitted up – Faye and Jack take off at break neck speed.  Ive not met Phil before, and its nice to listen to his Caving tales while enjoying an easy walk up the cave entrance. Jack and Faye rig, the pitch looks friendly enough, initially leading to a helpful ledge.  Following  Jack down I am wondering why ladders are such a pest,, emerging in the chamber, announcing “I’m not having much fun on these cursed things” …. wobbly lip moment. Meeting Jack , all is well and the rest of the party quickly descend.

We are heading upstream to visit Waterfall Chamber, and the going is superb . An active stream, that leads off to the left leads to a little down climbs, there are tonnes of holds .Yippee this looks great. Following the stream and trying to keeps up with the Manchester rocket, progression is really enjoyable caving. The short climbs up and the fresh water flowing are  truly magic.

Reaching Neat Petite this section is what I find really fun.  The water level is low enough for it not to feel intimidating. Assembling in a large chamber – this place suddenly feels massive ! Moving on I’m trying to think where does this place remind me of?

Traversing above the stream is fun to start off with for me… but it means I have to concentrate more and cant help but looking down thinking – there is a perfectly good route down there… I would like that alot more. There was for me an awkward step that Denis offered me a hand. Reaching some fine flow stones, Denis announces we are five mins from the “ next” bit . This makes me chuckle as its  something I’ve heard him say a few times,  we complete the rest of the passage in the stream – mainly due to my constant  complaining .

Thin white line, just before waterfall chamber.

Reaching the waterfall chamber seems a blast, Denis is as keen as ever with his death defying stories that I love to hear.

Heading out spirits are high. I’m keen to sample the stream way…. is it possible to get all the way ? Up above doesn’t suit my caving tastes, the majority time down here is super fun ! Reaching the duck Denis informs me that this is the only duck in the system. Its perfect, water levels allow dry hair ! Egging Denis on – lets beat the high level team! Turning the corner – we see Phil awaiting us …. dammmmm. Moving through the cascades back to the ladders of certain doom, is a total pleasure.

Heading up the  ladders was thankfully and as promised marginally easier. Learning from the old school ladder brigade was to be remembered. Walking back down with Dennis – enlightens me with his recent coastal swimming exploits, post 16 mile run. A great trip – thanks to all.