Bar Pot by Denis Bushell

Bar Pot: Denis, Joe, Fay (28 May 2017).

Arranged to meet at the Reading Room Clapham 10.00am. On arrival we were informed Joe had set off at 9.30 with his nephew, Jack and mother Heather. We were to rendezvous at Main Chamber:  Heather and Jack to use winch, Joe down Bar to M/C. We reached Bar Pot too late: Joe had already set off down. Fay went to book us in while I changed, she had walked up in her gear – not me! We made good time reaching Main Chamber and were united with Joe, Jack and Heather. Some pictures, then we set off out via Pool Traverse. Fay elected to use route OUT via route IN. Joe had not done Pool Traverse before. We climbed the muddy boulder slope to start of traverse. Joe was impressed by large chamber at start. Not so impressed when I sent him to a suicidal descent. He had gone too high on my instructions. He reversed and followed my route which I though was too low and would finish up in the drink. I waited at end of Pool of which the last three metres is shallow. On arriving at section where you drop into pool he carried on and exited bone dry, pointing to my wet willies. What a show-boater. With his beaming smile of confidence he led Fay and myself out of Bar Pot. Fay joined Jack and Heather to descend the fell via Trow Gill. I had to change so I used tractor route to catch them, then we bid Jack and Heather farewell. They used Long Lane, we went via nature trail, quick look at Reading Room then off home. Great day