Mistral Hole by Jack Upsall

Mistral Hole: Jack, Phil (8th December 2016).

Back to the Unfinished Business of the week before…

Loads of water around – Ease Gill in full flow past the entrance. And what a surprise for me – about 35 years since only my wife was able to squeeze along the diminutive rift and past the first corner. Now just a straightforward, if smallish, crawl, past a couple of bends and left over the boulders into the Hobbit – about 20m beyond where we’d turned round the week before. Hmm.

Dusty Junction and then right towards the Hall of Ten – about 100m beyond where we’d turned the week before. Hmm again.

Loud roars from the Pippikin streamway at the bottom of the HoT, then up and over to the Hall of the Mountain King. Again loud roars. Forsaking the mudbath that is the drop into Leck Fell Lane, we returned a few metres and took the route towards Cross Hall. And like all our memories of this system it was further than remembered – only the formations kept egging Phil on until, at last, the vastness of Cross Hall – an impressive void.

A little pleased with ourselves at tidying up the Unfinished Business we exited.

3 hours, and some ideas for more places to return to.

Pics by Jack