Link Pot by Peter Benn

Link Pot: Jack, Phil & Peter (30th November 2016).

11am meet up at Bull Port Farm. 2 hours driving.

Weather fine, but cold with ice on the ground.

Ladder & Line – a tad awkward going down as you have to miss a couple of rungs at the narrow point near the top to get your size 9 wellies through the ‘hole’.

Once down, a couple of bats flying about let us know they were there.

Standard route taken to Dusty Junction via the Wallows and another stoney tight squeeze. The Wallow was a bit nasty with half your face in water, but I made it through without incident. Phil elected to remove his helmet for this section.

Finally at Dusty Junction, Jack informs us that he only has notes (a tad old) and no map.

Not wanting to go back through the Wallows, Phil decides on an alternative exit…however, no-one really recognised anything, and having checked all routes and stumbled on a Birkbeck college installation complete with police line tape (well yellow tape) and running out of time, we reluctantly headed back to the Wallows.

Not as easy this time – Jack went through first, then me….but this time I got stuck and could not push through without return ripples of water hitting me in the face and up my nose – very unpleasant and not on my list of return trips!

Keeping calm and one final push…didn’t help, still stuck. “Help!” – help was at hand – Jack pulling and Phil pushing, finally escaped! A bit more weight to trim off! Phil’s turn next – helmet off but still a bit of bother getting through, but we all made it and eventually exited of the cold walk back to the cars.