Link Pot by Jack Upsall

Link Pot: Jack, Phil P (11th May 2016).

With the youngsters in the proposed party laid back by rampant viral action, the Senior Members (who’ve been around long enough to gain immunity to just about every known bug) decided that a modest re-familiarising trip would be in order. So surveys in hand, we eased our way down the entrance pitch ladder. First to the right in Hilton Hall and check out the way towards Echo Aven … Back and this time down Pybus By-pass and so to Squid Junction, and the left hand passage towards Pippikin …

Back to SJ and right towards Serendipity. Black Hole Chamber, China Dog Chamber and so to The Canyon. A muddy rope goes all along this traverse, now, something we didn’t remember from the early days – but were glad of when it came to the step across to the start of Tiger’s inlet and its dangling chain. Did we really used to do this without a rope? Hmmm. Right into a crawl and up into Handpump Hall, a quick look at the ends, then back and round to Cairn Junction, Death Row and finally Serendipity. (After a bit of “navigation”).

Checked that the pitch had new anchors in place (well, the top one, at least) then out. 3 hours.