Yordas Pot by Jack Upsall

Yordas Pot: Jack, Gen, Nigel, Phil P (Wednesday 20th April 2016). 

Still glorious weather. The plan was to do Yordas via the middle entrance to get some SRT practice, and then, possibly, drop down the top entrance. As soon as we met the stream after the first 2 short pitches it was obvious that the fells had a lot of draining still to do, even after the recent dry spell. Forget top entrance and the ensuing crawl! Left to the Chapter House pitch. Gosh it packed a lot of rigging into a short distance. I ended up rigging a slightly “interesting” route at one point – fine, if you’re 5ft 10in tall, as it turned out – err..sorry Gen!

Out into the sunshine, then Gen and I back in to de-rig, Nigel popping in from above to offer advice and encouragement for the “ok if you’re 5ft 10in” bit. And  so out to a brilliant warm change.