Diccan Pot and all Available Exits by Ian Cummins

Diccan Pot: Brian, Fay, Ian, Matt, Emma, Chris and Geoff Dudman (24th July 2011).

A few pieces of good fortune helped make this a great day out, although things didn’t quite go as planned.  We had originally intended to rig Diccan and Long Churn for the classic exchange, with new member Brian having a lesson on the Dollytubs pitch, although after meeting Fay and the Burnley crew in the lane, we found out they were rigging the Alum side of things and accepted the kind offer of using their ropes for the exit.

Due to my past history with this place, I felt a little anxious about taking a party down such a potentially hostile place after a wet spell, although as it turned out, water levels were just high enough to make things sporting, rather than dangerous and wading through the pool before the first pitch was refreshing, rather than chilly.  Rigging with a chunky new club 10 mm, the spray-lashed ledge was reached before dropping down the chimney to find some respite.  Enjoyably wet progress found us at the final pitch, which I rigged with my 80m 9mm, enjoying the big swings to clip as many bits of tat as possible, whilst picking out Fay’s light below, by the sump.  Yet again, I failed to find the final bolt, getting a bit of a wash on the final drop, where I met Fay, who had been enjoying the spectacle.

Watching my chums fighting to swing into the last deviation, I substituted myself for the elusive bolt and stood in the spray to hold the rope – no charge folks – until Matt, Emma, Chris and Geoff were down.  A rather chilly Emma gladly accepted the offer of a hike up the big pitch from Fay and exited to daylight.  Chris and Geoff also tagged along with the Burnley boys to exit via Long Churn and the main shaft respectively.  Matt and I de-rigged Diccan, which proved to be great fun, taking a wild swing whilst unclipping the lowest deviation, before exiting the final pitch with 1 bag each – nice workout!

Over at Alum, we found the rest of the gang packing up Fay’s rope – excellent timing.  Thanks again to the BCC.