Elbolton Meet by Steve Warren

Elbolton Pot: Ian, Steve Warren Lief, Chris, Geoff and Matt Dudman (6th February 2011).

Heavy rain and strong winds did nothing but enhance this particularly beautiful area of our Yorkshire Dales. Nor were an intrepid team of six deterred from a mile or so of boggy walking to one of our less known and little visited but, nevertheless most rewarding little caves; the curiously named Navvy Noddle Hole.

This was not what one could call a major trip, but it was a useful little forty minute exercise in ladder-work and life-lining. Ian’s idea of the through dive into Elbolton Pot had to be abandonned as his bottles weren’t ready.  Other holes in the vicinity were briefly looked at with a view to a later visit on a better day. The new fence around the Elbolton Pot seemed substantial enough for an SRT belay but some rebelay bolts would be needed in the shaft.

Elbolton 6th Feb 2011
Geoff going down the 8m pitch.

Highlight of the day was the sighting of a pure white stoat – a true ermine – pottering down a wall side and right across a field.

Thanks to Ian, Lief, Chris, Geoff and Matt for turning out.

Pic by Steve Warren.