Compass Pot – The Weather Is Lovley Today by Gary Rhodes

DAM, Who broke the dam?

No suspicions here, it was the Survey man and his side kick The Bagga! But all is mended now and the water flow has now returned to Yellow Snakelike Plastic Pipe, Shakeholes Have Nothing To Do With Caves Pot! And that hole is getting deeper??.  So lets see if we can get the Bang Boys back down Compass when it has dried out and clear the puddle out of the way.

But before this was done, the real reason for my trip out was to go on a tool retrieval mission. You know how it is, you want to do a bit of gardening as the sun has come out, and bugger me, where are all my gardening tools gone? Oh yes the big bearded tool squirrel has been round and raided your shed for all objects that may be useful and buried them all over the Dales!!! So on this bright and sunny day off I set to retrieve such items. One hour later it was black in the sky and white on the ground, oh dear never mind. So not put of by this, out of the car I ventured up the hills in the midst of the most displeasing hail storm, it will be much better underground. And yes it was. After a short time I was once more in possession of things that have the ability of wandering off as if by magic. On the way out I decided to have a bit of a tidy up, so ended up with a hundred weight of electric cable to hoist out. But you know the saying, Better, out than in! This left me with one last task, a bit of an Excaliber, or ExcaliBAR! At the bottom of the entrance shaft well out of reach is one of the best prodder bars you could want. Been out of reach for years. But now its MINE….Ha Ha Ha… I will have World Domination!!! with this shaft of DESTRUCTION!!!

Think I really need to get out more.

Laird Rhodes