Kingsdale Meet by Steve Warren

Nigel, Jan, Ian & Steve Warren: Jingling Caves, Rowten Cave, Yordas Cave (14th January 2007).

Doom and gloom in the weather forecast did not materialise, in fact, the day dawned bright with a little cloud and cleared to a brilliant clear day with a cold, cold, wind chilling the fingers of the four who turned out for an excellent day’s caving. Nigel, Jan, Ian and the writer met by Yordas and, after donning numerous layers appropriate for a cold wet day, headed for Jingling Cave. Water levels had dropped considerably from previous days so the greater problem was icy cold water. The cascade in Jingling ensured everyone got a good dose down respective necks. The exit to Rowten Pot was examined with trepidation due to the vastly greater stream encountered from Rowten Cave, and due to extremely greasy rock walls. Retreating, and leaving the climb out to the open pot for a better day, exit was made by way of the low wet duck in Rowten Cave and out to the surface. This bit ensured that any parts that may have been kept dry were well and truly dampened.

The second venue for the day was a through free climb of the Yordas circuit but on encountering a thundering cascade on the 9m Chapter House waterfall, a rapid retreat was in order. On examination, out in the gorge, the team was saved complete ignominy as the stream sink entry was amenable for a 10m round trip down the lower dry rift and out via the very wet upper entry.